Girl’s Trip and College Tour in Hawaii While Getting Business Deals Done

Call it what you want, my recent trip to Hawaii was all the above. I am traveling with my Mother, Aunt and my daughter on a 5 day trip to Honolulu for a combo girls trip that really began in April. During an All-Inclusive trip (Dad and Dear Husband John) family trip over the Easter break my daughter declared “I am going to the University of Hawaii, I never want to leave here!” True to her word, as soon as applications could be sent, she applied to UH. Since Waikiki is my mother’s favorite place on Earth and my Aunt has never been, we all hopped a plane to O’ahu to tour the campus, relax on the beach and sip umbrella drinks.

At Waikiki getting ready to go for a sail


I have conditioned my family enough they know I will always have my computer in tow, no matter the trip. I don’t even set the vacation responder anymore. Let face it, for those of us who have created mobility in our careers, why do we really need to “check out”? If you’re like me, “checkin out” is actually more stressful!  The amount I work that piles and looms over me while “checking out” makes me lay on my beach towel thinking, I am going to have sooo much to do when I get home! How can that ever be relaxing? Instead, I was sitting on a lounge chair sampling the “exotic drink menu” as I answered my emails, set up appointments, and communicated with my book agents.

Having a cocktail on the beach and doing a Google Hangout

My sense of accomplishment while being in paradise, was well, Paradise!  A 30 minute recorded Goggle Hangout went fantastic, as I donned my fresh flower lei, waves crashing behind me. (Now I will insert what I will call from here on out, the DP Minute, Design Psychology Minute. I will interject my interesting observations about people, travel and design. To learn more about my passion and my CDPC program go to

It’s my observation having been on many calls/Skype/hangouts while traveling, the response from my colleagues is that they are impressed with the apparent dedication one displays if work is performed while on vacation. As us Treps know, it isn’t difficult at all to schedule a 30 minute hangout online. In fact the benefits are immense! The message you send is that you care about your work and your business partners, but more importantly – it’s done! No full voicemails, no full inboxes, everyone is happy.

As a designer and design psychology expert, I am fascinated with culture, people, homes and cultural design.  I find one of the most interesting people watching is on a public beach. While lounging on my rented, hotel provided, towel covered, lounge, I sat watching beach-goers arrive early in the morning to claim their spaces for the day. Singles, couples, families all slowly making their way to the shoreline, arms piled high with towels, umbrellas, coolers, chairs, rafts, tubes, balls, lotions and hats.  You can spot the beach veterans easily; overly tanned skin, just enough gear for the day, and a thick book. I find the squatting ritual to be mesmerizing. everyone claiming their spaces “to live” for the day. Some people simply lay out their towels as a space saving message, others carefully placing the anchor items; the cooler, chairs, flip-flops laid out  subtly claiming their area. The beach design and space plan becomes clearer as the sun rises higher. One morning in particular, I watched fascinated as a champion space claimer built his beach fortress. For himself alone he claimed an 8 foot by 6 foot rectangle delineated by a 6” high sand “wall” topped with a sand “brick” decor. Inside he laid out his chair, his bamboo matt and a sand ottoman to aid in the relaxation.

Do you build or make a home where ever you go?

Do you build or make a home where ever you go?

As strange as it was to witness the sand apartment, watching people walk around it was even stranger!

Without much thought, people walked around the “wall” for hours. He sat, quietly within his fortress carefully guarding his walls. I sat analyzing him; he was once trampled by a small child wearing fins, he has agoraphobia and makes a home everywhere he goes, he’s a brilliant psychologist writing a book?!  As ridiculous as I thought his public behavior was, I appreciated the lesson in sociology and design psychology.  Thank you odd sand man!

Another successful trip to Hawaii! A success because I enjoyed the ladies in my family, I  toured my daughters future home (sigh) and I has the pleasure of working on vacation. Yes, I said pleasure…It’s a kick for me to do the work that I love in beautiful locations. Instead of dreading the morning after my glorious trip, stressed over the piles of work waiting for me, I sit comfortably on my flight writing to you… Aloha Treppers!


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