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How to be an Audacious Adventure Seeker, Business Success and World Traveler

What story are you telling yourself about how or why you cannot do something? Are you saying things such as, “well… that’s them and not me!” Are you creating stories about why you cannot travel, develop a business, or make a difference in people’s lives? It’s important to make one clear distinction…. Your story is likely not the truth. The story you tell yourself in your head, and the actual truth of the matter, are likely two different things. There is a big difference in telling yourself “I can’t” and actually not being able to do something. Learn how to go beyond “stuck” to “thriving”.

entrepreneurial travel ideasEnjoy this thought provoking, inspiring interview with Brian Grasso. He started traveling later in life, has seen the world, and developed a world class business (actually businesses), and helps and inspires people just like you to life a fun and meaningful life.

From Brian Grasso: There is no job application required for the decision to create success, happiness and fulfillment in your life. But if there was, it would say ‘Apply Within’…

Imagine a life where you do exactly what you want.

Not in the law breaking sense.

But certainly in defiance of the ‘rules’ we have come to accept as normal.

Because nothing extraordinary has ever been created through ordinary action.

Nothing revolutionary ever established by following common guidelines.

And nothing inspirational ever come from playing it safe with a mediocre mindset.

Freethinking Renegades……The Art of Inspired Living

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