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Creating income which allows you to travel more freely is all about 3 key TravelTrep components: (1) Automation of business processes (2) Creating passive income streams [income without trading your time for money] and (3) Reoccurring predictable monthly income, often called continuity income.

Below are various types of business models, systems, concepts and resources which allow you to do all three TravelTrep components.


Isagenix Nutrition and Health Products Business Model: This business model is backed by a $700M company which has an excellent track record. John and Kelli sell Isagenix, and it has provided enough income to pay for all expenses related to their Las Vegas home.  Work directly with John Spencer Ellis. You can do just as well (or even much better). You can sell products via blogs, social media, video, articles, and old fashioned networking.

ClickBank Pirate shows you how to make passive income selling ClickBank affiliate products

work from a coffe shop


Chris Farrell Membership is for those serious about creating a regular and continuous income online. Chris is a really cool dude!

Coffee Shop Millionaire Business System

How to Start a Blog that Matters

Video Traffic Academy – learn how to get traffic, leads and sales from Youtube

Traffic Blackbook – How to get tons of traffic that is not dependent on Google.

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society teaches you how to make money online