How You Can Get Paid To Drink Coffee and Travel The World – Yep It’s True

make money while you travel


When is the last time your local coffee house paid you to drink their coffee and share it with your best friends?

The answer is obviously “NEVER!”

But, what if things where different?

How would getting paid well to drink delicious coffee and sharing great coffee with other coffee drinkers change your life?

You, like us, are coffee drinkers. And, we’re guessing you are also like us in the sense that extra weekly money is also a pleasant treat. Imagine for a moment that you can drink coffee with your friends, share coffee with others and make a significant reoccurring, passive, predictable weekly income.  INCREDIBLE…. and TRUE!

We are the founders of TravelTrep and the husband & wife team of John Spencer Ellis and Kelli Ellis. Our joy comes from entrepreneurship, travel, great coffee and helping traveling entrepreneurs like you.


We are at a point in our lives where we want to a lot of earn extra money while enjoying our time and traveling to countries throughout the globe while enjoying excellent coffee. Because of earning an income through Organo Gold, we now have the opportunity to travel and share great coffee with people everywhere.  The irony is that by sharing the coffee while we travel, it gives us the opportunity to travel even more. It’s one of those cycles you want to get caught up in!

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2 Responses to How You Can Get Paid To Drink Coffee and Travel The World – Yep It’s True

  1. I live in Iceland. Is organo gold in my area yet?

    • Hello. Not yet. However, you have a unique opportunity if you are interested in meeting with us in the US. You can open the entire country. Contact me for details. HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

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