Mastermind to Learn How to Be a Coach or Trainer and Travel the World

Only 12 people will be invited….

No, that’s not a typo, or some hyped-up sales copy. Only 12 people will be invited to my home for a very high level mastermind where we will reveal the truth.

The truth about what is making you successful, and what has been holding you back so far.


The details: You and 11 other select people will spend 2 full days with Kelli and me at our home in Orange County, CA.  (Yes, I know everyone was thinking we’d be at my Las Vegas home on The Strip, but that wouldn’t let us get much work done, would it?)

What you will learn: What you are doing right. What you are doing wrong. If you are thinking correctly about HOW to become successful. Who you need to know to elevate your game. This is not for motivation.  You better already be motivated.  This is designed to give you specific, detailed, actionable steps to reach all of your goals.

Sleeping arrangements: No, we’re not going to unpack sleeping bags for everyone, you will stay at a near-by hotel (about $100/night on your tab)

Food: I’ll provide food and drinks for snacks and lunch both days. I’ll also buy dinner both nights.  All other food is on your dime.

The dates/times: October 3 & 4, 2014 (Friday and Saturday) 9am – 6pm both days

Transportation: If you are flying, you’ll fly into John Wayne/Orange County airport (or LAX if international). I’m 25 minutes from OC airport, 90 minutes from LAX and 10 minutes from suggested hotel. Plan accordingly.

After hours: Yes, we’re going to have some fun as well. I have some great dinners planned at top restaurants in the area. (My treat)
We’ll also have cocktail hour at my house. (Insider secret: My wife is a multi-award winning designer from HGTV/TLC and Bravo, and she made a KILLER BAR at our house and it has your name written all over it).  If you are so inclined, we can blend up a protein drink for you! I’ll have one, too.

Special treats: I will have a couple special guests here at my house to speak to you.  You will learn from my attorney, my accountant and financial planner, and my good friend who built one of the largest fitness franchises in the U.S., and then sold it for many, many, many millions of dollars. My wife will also be here to answer your questions about your gym, home office, or health club design for optimal function, efficiency and aesthetics.


  • Douche bags (or douchette if you are a woman)
  • Party animals who think we’re clubbing each night
  • People who aren’t willing to learn, and think they already have the answers
  • People just starting their training or coaching careers (no hate here, just need to keep the focus on advanced techniques and strategies)
  • People who have a scarcity mindset, and think the world is against them… and will not share.


  • You currently make at least $100,000/yr as a training or coaching pro
  • You are humble and willing to listen, share, learn and change as needed to elevate your game
  • You already have a website, business, clients, support, and a kick-ass work ethic.
  • You will not stand for mediocrity any more, and are ready to step up to the big leagues.

WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME (and give a damn):

  • I’ve earned multiple 8 figures throughout my training and coaching career (yeah, not 6 or 7, but 8)
  • I’ve coached thousands of trainers and coaches around the world to higher levels of success
  • I’ve created more fitness/coaching trends and programs than any other person on the planet (probably)
  • I’m dyslexic, colorblind and have ADD (all true, and I have become highly successful in spite of myself)


  • Be honest if you are the right person to apply for the JSE Mastermind.
  • Check your schedule.
  • Commit to enhancing your life and finances forever!


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