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Do content writers go to hell?

Guest Post by Biorn Tjallen
Paraphrasing Thomas Kohnstamm and the great succèss de scandale of 2008 – Do Travel Writers Go To Hell – seemed an apt introduction to a few lines about the moral hazards and entertainment value of a job that ought to attract more travelling entrepreneurs: content writing.

Kohnstamm – who had worked for Lonely Planet – chronicled his gradual fall from the ethical standards most travel publishers claim to embrace. The result was hugely entertaining gonzo, and a treasure trove of broken professional taboos. My favorite is a picturesque example of Kohnstamm neglecting the travel writer’s first rule of integrity: never trade positive reviews for favors! Surveying restaurants for a guidebook update in Brazil, Kohnstamm is still at his post after closing hours and gets laid with a waitress on a table. The updated entry exudes full customer satisfaction, noting how “the table service is friendly”.

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